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introductory salvo (howdy!)

from G. I. Gurdjieff: The War Against Sleep and the Strange Life of P. D. Ouspensky by Colin Wilson thanks to Google Books

strange stories
drew us to one another

is a term
a convention
kind of a placeholder
interesting means
way too much to say
far more than i can hope to convey
worthy of continued study
but not today
wonder inducing
mysterious and confusing
we'll get back to that
stay tuned


fresh faced boy
small town idealist


michael barry (that's me there! a few years earlier)

is dropped off and abandoned
at the first home
of his adulthood
an institution for the developmentally elite
orange and black
new jersey elms
gothic architecture

he wanders through the panoply
trumpets and tubas and trombones
there is the marketplace of old furniture
perhaps he'll find a wastebasket
a diversity of human form
all male
fresh faced boys
picking through the treasures

a strident voice behind him
someone knows his name?

jeff braswell recognizes michael barry
reuniting after a program at brown the prior summer

(a relevant segment of the brown class photo)

jeff has roommates
friends from high school
a tall one
a strong one
a smart one
(well, everyone's smart, strong, somewhat tall
for this is an institution for the developmentally elite)
friendships are possible

this meeting is important
for many reasons
because it leads to another meeting
maybe a year later
with another fresh faced boy
a remarkable man
as gurdjieff would say

bruce stone

meetings with bruce would re-occur over the years of a life
in sporadic fashion
always with a tang of unpredictability
a note of surprise
seeming non-sequiturs leading to moments of illumination
many conversations
on every subject
always new things coming in
various life stages passed
seasons observed
missions undertaken
games played and seen

all very very interesting



an abrupt end
which left this middle aged man less than fresh faced

(yes, that's me, approximately now)

dragged out of a circle
and that remarkable man remarkably absent
with unfinished conversations continuing to bubble up
memories in a stew
a soup of memories
composed of digestible and indigestible elements
food or thought?

way too interesting

but interesting, nonetheless