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Howdy. Jeff Braswell here. I met Bruce freshman year at Princeton when I showed up at the boat house after soccer season was over. Practicing and playing on the green fields south of the soon-to-vanish New Quad, as a goalie I had a lot of time on my hands (when the ball was down on the opposite half of the pitch) to wonder where was that steady stream of people going who walked past the soccer field towards the lake every day. A bit of simple investigation following the trail led me to the boat house, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Although I moved every 2-3 years growing up (Air Force brat), by the time I left Princeton the frequency of my moves was dramatically reduced and the length of my stay in successive locations greatly increased. I spent 3 years in Puerto Rico teaching school, emigrated to the Barbary Coast of the San Francisco in 1973, where I spent 20 years, followed by 5 years across the Bay in Berkeley before selling my financial software company and high-tailing it for the mountains and Lake Tahoe in late 1997, where I continue to live.

Whereas I almost "settled down" after Princeton, Bruce's world travels accelerated to a near-fever pitch following graduation. Of course, he had already spent considerable time in Japan during high school, and I suspect that his trip to Japan flipped a switch in Bruce's mind that pre-disposed him to continually expand the size and scope of his earthly orbits over the course of his life. One of my great joys over the 25-odd years which came between graduation and when Bruce and I were together again on a regular basis at RMT were the stop-over visits resulting from the transits of Bruce's orbits as he criss-crossed the planet. Whether that was when he stopped through Puerto Rico on the way back to D.C. from Peru, or the many times he would set his bags down for a period of days at the large Victorian flat I rented at Scott Street in San Francisco as he went to and fro between the Far East and the U.S., those visits were heartbeats of a pulse on the frequency of years at a time. However, they were like stitches in the fabric of time that seemed to put all of the little changes and challenges and daily variations of fates and fortunes into a much larger perspective, a reminder of a life-long cycle and the importance which Bruce placed on friendships -- and not just "in general", but on a uniquely personal and one-to-one basis in each and every case.

After a quarter century of providing part of that collective fabric for Bruce's needle and thread as he plyed the air lanes of the planet, much like a dolphin in the ocean, submerging for long spells, covertly and mysteriously, but surfacing spontaneously and magically, right before one's eyes, it was especially rewarding to have the opportunity to ride shotgun with Bruce as he stayed a bit more localized in the later phases of his life, spent largely between the Bay Area and Washington, D.C. I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to reconnect with Bruce and continue on together on a shared road between 1994 and 2002. And it is a measure of the profound satisfaction and appreciation of those last 8 years together which -- despite all of the entrepreneurial long hours, corporate politics and personal issues in which I was fairly constantly embroiled throughout that time -- makes his sudden and premature departure all the more of a loss, and his absence all the more noticeable and perpetually felt.