Weekend (Chestertown #1?) -- The only run where I (beyond the back of the pack as usual) came in before Bruce. After a change of clothes and a couple of beers, I was starting to notice how odd it was that I'd gotten in first, when in came Bruce...he'd had a splendid time out there as part of a small group that split from the pack and hunted the likely trail to land's end. He looks pleased and not too concerned about having forsaken the first couple of beers (and some heavy conversation) for more up-close-and-personal time with Maryland's eastern shore...

Below, a motley crew at the Halloween run in Baltimore (1993?). Later...Bruce sensed trouble (the establishment had actual diners on the other side of those glass panes), and snuck out a front window before the going got tough.


motley-ness meets class at the interhash, Tasmania 2000

when was that? Bruce doesn't look like he remembers, even at the time...maybe John can help...


the on-sec speaks...
DCH3 meets Tasmania (in a pub)


And here, a Tasmanian devil looks like he's having a delightful time...