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Make a new page

Just click on 'New Page' under Actions at the top of the left column. Give your page a name, add words or pictures or both, and save it. Once you have saved it, in order for the new page to be visible in the space a link needs to be added to this page. That link can be added to the main navigation menu if the topic is an entirely new topic, or it could be added to an existing page to which it relates. Either way, you must "edit the navigation" to add the link to the main menu, or edit another page to add the link to that page. See the editing tips for more help if needed.

Discussion message threads per page

You can also comment on pages using the 'discussion' link at the top of every page. This allows members to post comments as a thread related to a particular page. The number of posts on a page will appear next to the 'Discussion' tab at the top of the page, and clicking on that tab will present the discussion thread for that page. Members who do not wish to edit page content, for example, can easily comment and interact with page content by posting to the page discussion. This could be pretty handy, as it avoids having to edit pages for those who do not have the time to do so but who would still like to record their thoughts.

Per-page discussion threads are also like a forum distributed across the pages of the space -- page-specific postings and responses will allow members to add thoughts and discussion associated with a page or topic in a very un-constrained and open-ended way.

Intramural communication.

Finally, wikispaces have a self-contained messaging capability for members to use for communication. The messages are sent internal to the wikispace platform, can be stored or deleted, and all members in the wikispace can be sent a group message by anyone. The message system does not use conventional e-mail, so you will not see notifications there. There is a message icon in the form of an envelope that appears on the top line of your wikispace session, next to your wiki handle, that indicates the number of messages you have in your wikispace inbox.

We are not encouraging an e-mail-like interaction here, but of course neither are we discouraging it for those who find it productive and natural. However, just bear in mind that private messages hide your dialog -- unless you message the whole space, of course -- and it will be a better wikispace if content is visible and not a captive of a point-to-point message channel. Having said that, there are always good reasons for private conversations, of course !

A few editing and troubleshooting tips:

1. Use the 'Preview' button to check your contribution or changes before you 'Save' them -- this will allow you to fix something which did not turn out as you expected and will not churn the actual change logs for the space. Once you are happy with your additions, click 'Save'.

2. If you wish to add images, there is an 'Images and Files' icon in the Edit Menu Bar that will allow you to either upload images or externally link to images elsewhere on the web. Once you have selected and/or uploaded the image, double-clicking on it in the image upload window will automatically add it to the current page. Placement of images is a bit tricky -- there are alignment pragmas for 'left', 'center', and 'right' in the Image and File tool (as well as 'none' ), but the actual layout of images on the page depends in part on the size of the image and the size of the browser window which you are using to view the page. It is especially important to 'Preview' edits made involving images as the result may not be what you expect !

3. Wikispaces supports a structured site, meaning you can create links to other content using the 'Link' tool represented by the icon with the earth-and-chain-link image. For example, to expand significantly on a topic or comment where just adding some text to the current page is unwieldy, you can (1) create a new page of your own, add all of your content (text, images, files), preview it, save it, and then return to the original page to edit the original page and create a link to the page which you just added. One thing regarding embedding media: my attempts to upload mp3 files were not successful in producing something that would play the music when published to the site ( or even just clicked on in the images and files folder ). So, the audio and video capabilities of this site are as yet unproven. Still, it is mainly a site of stories and pictures, so it will do just fine for that. ( Would still like to provide some music, though )

4. You can add to the top level of the site by creating pages and then creating links in the Navigation sidebar by clicking on the 'edit navigation' link below the Navigation list. Just be careful not to remove existing navigation links when adding your own ! Again, preview before save.

5. One final note on creating new pages: once a page is created, you can not edit the name of that page or delete the page. (It can be cleared and removed from any links, but it will be an orphan page). We only mention this if you might think you can edit the name of a page you create after doing so, as that is not the case. The links which you add to point to a new page can be edited to say whatever you want, of course, but the name of the page itself is sticky. If for any reason you really want to have a page renamed or deleted, please just notify one of the organizers of the Bruce Stone wikispace with the specifics.