The Tahoe house -- it had the spare, light-filled look of Bruce's living spaces. The rowing machine was upstairs; for the Kawai grand piano you had to walk across the cul-de-sac to Jefferson's. It had a Franklin stove, a skylight, and windows everywhere. In the winter, Bruce would light the stove when he got up (in the dark) to warm the place for morning. To the right, he's heading out the door for a run, ahead of me (as usual). It was cold, so he put some socks on his hands. I wanted to take a picture (rare occurrence), but Bruce was on the go, and didn't like being captured on film anyway. This was the only picture of him I could find for awhile...Bruce -- in a hurry to move on to something else, push harder, find the next thing. So he'd migrated through China, DC, Berkeley, and on up to Lake Tahoe, and that house.

bru016.jpgDown the road was Nevada Beach -- a place to have morning coffee and play scrabble, evening beer and play scrabble, and toss the football anytime. (We'd be at a picnic table off in the distance from here.)

external image 3-21-04%20004.jpg

external image 3-21-04%20007.jpg

The beach was wide;the view not too shabby. Heavenly Valley Ski Lift on the distant mountain.

external image roundhill.jpg
The lake tended to be calm first thing in the morning (a view from the lake back to Nevada Beach. Round Hill in the foreground.), ...

...and again in the evening...perfect for rowing, although we stuck to the Concept 2.
external image sunsetpano.jpg

Bruce would Walter Mitty hashes wherever he went...he thought about a Tahoe hash for DCH3ers who wanted to make a trek. It made use of the woods and sandy pines amid rock and hills near the house; this was one of the great potential apres sites.

One year we climbed Mt. Tallac, which is a higher peak just to the left of the left side of the picture above. In the picture below, Bruce (lower right) is leading us (Julie in red) off the summit after a 4+ hour climb. We're above Fallen Leaf Lake, one of the lakes feeding into Lake Tahoe, which is to the left of the picture below. The Heavenly Valley ski area is on the ridge across the valley.