April 2007

Since the 5th anniversary of Bruce's death I've been in a couple of conversations (w/Julie, w/Jefferson) full of emotion, joy, sadness, surprise, appreciation. It seems there are more stories, more things to talk through or about, some impulse to share and celebrate again. Interesting. 5 years is a long time. Yet here he is again, quirkily smiling, inexplicably brooding, having an opinion, figuring out how to game the house, enjoying the unforseen possibilities of a moment.

This page can be a place where we talk to one another about what's important, and how it can be brought to the surface and shared. It's just a collection of ways to get back to whoever he was, bring it up, enjoy it, make sense of more of the mystery. If you're inclined to add to this list or alter it to improve the topics, please don't hesitate. It should evolve. Also, If you want to share a recollection, stimulated by the topics and themes, please don't hestitate. Open a new page. There are so many remarkable chapters to his tale, and each of us has only a part of the puzzle. --mb


Suggested Pages, Topics and Themes

Feel free to:

A) make a note about a new potential topic by adding to this list at the bottom (just increment the most recent topic number when adding a new one)
B) expand upon an existing topic in the list
C) add a new page and elaborate on a new or existing topic
D) any and all of the above

1. How did you first meet Bruce?
2. His High School Years
..... a. Speedy guard on the DeWitt football team
..... b. Wrestling
..... c. Public Speaking
3. His College & Grad School Years
..... a. The year he had 8 dorm rooms at once
..... b. His stint as editor of an upstart newspaper
..... c. Crew training and travels
4. World Traveler: Did you meet him in a another country? Do you know where he went? Do you know what he did when he got there? Do you think you got the complete story? You do? You poor bastard.
......a. where he hashed
......b. bike training in Malawi?
5. Pets & other animals
......a. What's this story about keeping a snake in a hotel room? Well, not really keeping it, as it turned out...
..... b. The rabbit & the rat
..... c. Dogs
..... d. wolves
6. When did you really meet Bruce?
7. References to his scholarly work
8. His awards for athletic excellence
9. the rowing machines (where are they now?) -- somewhere in China, Ron Wilson?, Paul Phillips' high school team?, Jeff Braswell
10. His reading list, and the effects of certain authors on his own decisions
11. Many years in Japan
..... a. High School Exchange Program, had to register as foreigner
..... b. Teaching English to children
..... c. Translation business
..... d. For RMT
12. Chinese episodes
13. Mongolia
14. He played piano in a bar, really? (& other musical adventures)
15. Working for IFPRI, CGIAR -- Africa, Asia, South America
16. RMT and the California years
17. Time at Tahoe
18. People who might enjoy being invited to participate
19. Legal difficulties? Bruce?
20. Romance
21. His family: sister Sandy, father, mother
........a. extended family & genealogy
22. Collections of email dialogues and threads
23. More Hash memories
.....a. the VFW post
24. A Timeline
25. Are you sure you met Bruce? Really?
26. Bruce's tips on winning poker (table, video poker)
27. Ideas for D. Bruce Stone Memorials
28. Entrepreneurship
......a. Bruce and trading
29. Bruce and language (French, Japanese, Chinese, some Spanish, (some African languages from high school?))
30. Bruce and benefits of cardio and weight workouts
31. the 1980 maroon Crown Vic -- inherited from his dad in 1990
32. Bruce and sports analysis (NFL, NCAA, NBA...)...and betting
33. Bruce's favorite bar/hangouts...VFW post, Front Page, bar at the Hotel Shattuck
34. Bruce and eating out (ordering)
35. Bruce and games (scrabble, poker, hana-fuda (sp?), backgammon...w/ Kazuko, w/ Sandy)
xx. *new topic*. your topic here...(or anywhere, actually (but it would be nice to keep a numerical ordering) )