Leaves and Branches

From the perspective of all of us who knew (and, in many ways, still know) Bruce, we are the leaves and branches of his tree, connected to Bruce and to each other as leaves and branches to the root and trunk of the tree that is Bruce and his network of friends and connections, the warp and woof of a fabric which he took great joy and care to create and cultivate in both Space (the entire planet Earth) and Time ( an entire lifetime ).

Take a New Page from the Stack

New members should initially just create a new page, Think of this new page as your own initial blank piece of paper which you can use to introduce yourself and record your thoughts and your stories about Bruce in the space. (when prompted to name the new page, please use the convention suggested below of prepending "DBS_" to your user id in order to make it easy to recognize personal pages).

Editing your first page will also help to familiarize yourself with the conventions and operations (and some limitations) of the wiki editing tools -- good practice for allowing you to roam the space at will and find ways to contribute to conversations of interest that you run across, conversations which we are all having with each other simply by sharing our stories.

Over time, you will probably find yourself contributing to or developing topics on their own separate pages and already in development, but your first page would still serve as your personal page and introduction to the space.

Let's Get Together

It would be great if we were all sitting around one big huge round table with a fireplace in the middle of it like a 21st century Camelot, warmed by the fire and by the stories of Bruce. In fact, we should arrange to do just that and get together on occasions ... But, given that we can not do that all that often, this wiki will serve as best as it can as our holodeck. So....

Give it your best shot

Adding your own special details, memories and other forays into both the true-to-form and the undiscovered sides of Bruce is indeed extremely appreciated and very much helpful and enjoyed by all of us, since the shared collective memory of our combined memories will be a memory which is far more resilient, more robust, not subject to loss, and can be used to recharge our own individual batteries with regards to our own memories of Bruce. But wait, there's more ... !

That of course sounds pretty darn close to a late-night slicer-dicer parody by Dan Akroyd, but I think it is the truth, and I think that Bruce in particular would appreciate it. Heck, Bruce could have probably have found a way to turn the capabilities of this new, flexible collaborative web platform into a way to collect and aggregate a compilation of de facto sports odds for his personal gaming ministries by monitoring a covey of wiki sports collaborations, or he could have just as easily applied it wearing his world-class organizational guru consulting hat, as a way for large organizations to enhance quality and productivity in big team projects and products by providing an institutional memory of expertise, facilitating ongoing integration of new staff and technologies into government and large organizational processes. Sure sounds like Milo Minderbinder to me.

So, given what Bruce would have done with this medium, I think it is really up to us to give Bruce's life and memory the justice that it deserves ;-) Dig deep, and give it your best shot to add to the mosaic of facts and impressions and shared experiences which helps us remember him more vividly and feel him still among us today.

A Clean Slate

That new blank page is just a clean slate, a starting point, a place to practice wiki editing, a place for each of us to feel free to do with it what we will. Naturally, there is no need to add anything at all to your personal page if you don't want to ! But since there are many of us who know Bruce but do not necessarily know each other, a little background introducing yourself and how you know Bruce will go a long way to connect the dots and help us form a more comprehensive image of Bruce by knowing each other.

A new personal page naming suggestion

When you make your new first page using your user id/account handle, if you would use the following convention it would simplify the ongoing management of pages: prepend "DBS_" to your user id, and name your first new page that. This enables these personal pages to be grouped all together in the list of collection of pages and makes it easier to know that the page is a personal page. For example, my user id is "LJB" and I created a personal page named "DBS_LJB".

I will add new personal pages to a list of personal pages on a single index page so that we might all browse personal pages easily. The "DBS_" pre-pended to the user id when naming the personal page will allow me to recognize personal pages without knowing the user ids themselves. An example is below.

Thanks SO much to all who contribute !