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I rowed with Bruce at Princeton, almost 40 years ago; David Bruce Stone ... Most of the rowers had nicknames, and were a closely knit group. As I recall, Bruce was referred to as "Dee BruceStone" .. "Dee", similar to the use of ... " 'da Bears" - years later; but also "Dee Bruce..." as in "The Man” .... Bruce was a sophomore, rowing with mostly seniors, he won a seat on the First Boat – he and Jeff Braswell sat just in front of me. He had respect and acceptance within the squad. I think I have a picture of him on one of our Spring training trips to Florida – in something like a flesh-pile pyramid. I’ll try to find it, scan it in and figure out how to upload it; until I do, you can picture him … youthful (19 or 20), clean shaven and enjoying company of an outstanding group of friends – many of whom continue to be my best friends.

I heard of Bruce Stone sightings form time to time. ... But I only saw Bruce once after graduation, but at a pivotal time in my life. This was at my 4th reunion in Spring of 1972, would have been Bruce’s 2nd reunion. Earlier that evening, I met my wife Mary for the first time, and proposed 8 weeks later, and married in October … The marriage has lasted and thrives, but not an approach we have recommended to our children.

Later that evening – maybe at 1 or 2 am, I ran into D. Bruce. He was conversationally considering a girlfriend whom he perceived had marriage on her mind, or the possibility of taking a tramp steamer though the Panama Canal. I rashly observed that … “you could get married anytime, but go take the tramp steamer, while you have a chance” – I imagine I meant, before being tied down by job, family or obligations. I might have forgotten this sage advice. But, a mutual rowing friend had the story passed on to him by Bruce – and he offered it up as part of a toast at my wedding. Either I’m no good at taking my own advice .. or, just goes to show how the “right” woman (for me) could change my frame of mind in only a few weeks.

Sounds like Bruce was pre-disposed to “ride the tramp steamer” – a wonderful man, forging his own path.

Mac Lewis