Bruce, as a sophomore, in 5 seat, behind JK, in 1968 Varsity Lightweight Eight, working out in Florida over winter break, 1968


and here is a photo of the '68 lightweight crew also taken during winter break at the Sanford Naval Academy outside Orlando, courtesy Brooke Stoddard. Dang, were we really in that good shape at one time in our lives ?? Oh for the Elyseum Fields of Dreams today ...


Judy Leon, who supplied the following photos, says they are of an 8 which competed in the North American championships at St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada. Time frame (help somebody?) was perhaps mid-to-late 70s. Judy is not sure -- other rowing mates of Bruce may recall (please edit !). Judy is also not sure where the 8 was organized ( D.C. ? that could be the banks of the Potomac and the running path on the canal levee in the photos -- more help please ! )

This 8 won either Gold or Silver in the North American championships. (again, those in the know please clarify - Stoddard, Lyn, Carl -- got any datapoints on this ?). Bruce was in his late 20s at this point.




Bruce and Findley Meislahn

The following sequence of three photos was apparently taken in 1973, probably by Judy Leon who graciously lent them to me after Bruce's death. After a phone call from Findley Meislahn, who relayed the following story, it became clear that the person in the pair with Bruce is Findley, and I assume the photos were taken at Cornell, where Fin was crew coach and Bruce was doing post-grad work in Economics. (clarification, Judy ?)

The following story which Fin relayed is priceless.

In most college programs, crew is a spring sport, and the Head of the Charles is in the fall. Fin had tried to get the colleges and universities where he coached (Princeton, Cornell, etc) to participate in the Head of the Charles but the heads of the Athletic Departments were having none of it. Fin and Bruce decided to enter the Head of the Charles race in Cambridge, Massachusetts on their own that year. As a grad student, Bruce was not rowing for Cornell, of course, and so rowing in the Head of the Charles was just something that they, as rowing fanatics, thought would be fun to do. Competition in pairs, apparently, has been phased out these days, by the way, Fin said in the call.

So back to the story. The race has begun. Bruce and Fin, although not in the lead, were ahead of and being pursued by, as Fin describes them, two "hot-shot Harvard undergrads". The Harvard pair had been gradually gaining on them, but still a few lengths back. After going under one of the bridges, Fin heard Bruce yell out with glee "yes ! ... they hit the bridge ! " (their oars, undoubtedly, not their shell). The Harvard pair, as was often done in teams without coxswain, had been following the puddles of crews ahead of them -- in this case from Bruce and Fin -- to steer down the course. Bruce had purposely steered close to the bridge supports and then changed course in order to avoid hitting it himself. The Harvard pair, following Bruce and Fin's puddles, were led astray and ended up washing out !! Yet MORE quintessential Bruce-ness ;-)

-LJB (for FM )