A memory...

It's June 2000. I've just finished the qualifying exams for my PhD degree, after some fairly grueling coursework. A gathering, some drinking, was slated for after the last exam. Bruce was working in Berkeley, and the plan was for him to drive up and meet me there. I expected him sometime that evening. Mid-afternoon, I walk in to the bar and peer around for the Davis group. Up strides Bruce, with a huge grin on his face.... As I reach out to hug him he surrounds me, sweeps me off the floor, and twirls me around a few times, laughing and saying my name. I can't describe the mix of emotions as I laughed and hung on.

But it came rushing back along with that image, today, many years later, after I walked out from filing my dissertation.

12/1/2008 (the day after Bruce's 60th birthday)